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misty_skies [userpic]
Fic: Just When You'll Come Around.
by misty_skies (misty_skies)
at February 8th, 2010 (11:20 pm)

Title: Just When You'll Come Around.
Author: misty_skies
Rating: G
Summary: It’s almost like falling in love in slow motion.


It’s almost like falling in love in slow motion.


It’s like, rollercoaster’s moving fast; spinning almost, with reality, with life. Like not knowing what’s wrong or right for just maybe two seconds of your life. Like freedom granted with hopes that you won’t mess up, or that you will, maybe.

It’s like different memories intertwined with feelings.


When he first meets her, it’s like they’re the only two people in this world.

Okay, never mind. That was an exaggeration; that’s movie-like, and even he doesn’t believe that. What he does know, nevertheless, is how the
wide-eyed brunette started fidgeting with the hem of her shirt when she first met him, twisting it out of nervousness, making him sure that she
obviously was a fan – or probably had a crazy kind of crush on him, but the thoughts disappear as soon as Stella grabs his hand to show him
around the school.

(come to think of it, he never really considered the second option)


A week after he joins Horace Mantice, he notices her again.

Sure, he’s probably seen her around a couple of times, none of which result in actual conversations, and being Joe, he takes it upon himself to talk to her, (because let’s face it, he loves to get to know people.)

She’s walking in the hallways carrying some sport equipment thing that he cannot really name, because he’s Joe, he doesn’t do sports. But the gentlemen in him, (and the constant fangirliness of the girl with the locker next to his) force him to go and talk to her.

“Whoa, Mace, you need any help?”

He doesn’t notice, but she is kind of taken aback by his nickname for her. After all, this is their first real conversation, apart from the whole introduction scene. She nods at him anyway, kindly refusing, (because she’s Macy Misa, she can do her things herself.) But her hands disagree and they slightly shake, giving him the signal to do his thing. He holds the box from both sides, gently placing his hand over hers, and he’s almost getting used to the feeling of warmth that she radiates before she slowly pulls her hands away, and leads him to the Gym.

(and he doesn’t realize that she’s blushing- oh no, all he realizes is that the box is so freaking heavy- before his dislike for sports becomes stronger.)


“A dress?” Macy moans, staring at Stella in shock.

“For the fiftieth time, Macy. Yes, a dress, to my party this Saturday.” Stella says with an eye roll

“But Stella,” Macy whines, “I don’t want to wear a dress to your birthday.”

“Too bad, Mace.”

He walks in just then, missing out on the entire conversation, except the ‘too bad’ bit. So he inquires, because we all know that curiosity kills the cat.

“Why too bad? What too bad?”

Macy sighs, and points to Stella, “she’s making me wear a dress to her party.” She says it almost like it’s a pity, which it is – for her, anyway.

“So, what’s the problem?” he states.

“Firstly, you’re stupid, Joe. Secondly, Macy doesn’t do dresses.” Stella chirps in.

“Well, why?”

“Because, Joe, I am not into dresses and that girly stuff that someone here admires,” Macy says, emphasizing on someone, obviously Stella, and earns a chuckle from Joe, (and a glare from Stell, but that’s not important.)

“Oh,” he says, and with a slight thought he adds, “but I think you should wear the dress.”

“Why is that?”

“Because,” he states, like it’s the most known fact in the world, “I think you’d look pretty in a dress.”

(and then everybody in that room is speechless, for completely different reasons.)


She wears the dress anyway, ‘cause it’s Stella’s special day, and Macy figures she should at least do what her best friend wants her to do for once in her life.

And plus, who is it hurting anyway?

So when she walks in the room, the bright lights beam into her eyes and she almost feels blind for a moment, but it’s gone in a bit. The first thing she sees is Stella – beautiful, perfect, Stella – as she’s chatting with the Lucas’, her strapless red dress almost breathtakingly stunning. She’s holding Joe’s hand in her own, as she discusses with Nick something Macy can’t hear from that distance.

She observes the middle Lucas. He’s looking around the party hall. From the DJ to the most random girls from school, and he’s probably having an internal debate about which ones he can remember, she assumes as she sighs, (boys).

She looks down at her dress: blue, strapless, simple, without the glittery stuff popping out or the brightest colors; just simple.

Like her.

She makes her way to the guys and Stella, takes ages because of the heels, but gets there eventually.

“Hi,” she says, smiling politely at each of them, and hugs Stella.

He’s the first one to reply. “Hey, Macy,” and Nick and Kevin follow.

After a few more minutes of easy conversation, he starts feeling queasy and weird. She hides her eyes from his for a while, and he wonders if it’s because he told her about the whole ‘I think you’ll look pr-

“Pretty? You look amazing,” Macy gushes to Stella, with a genuine smile on her face. “Right, Joe?” she asks, finally getting over the whole awkwardness bit; he’s Joe Lucas, he probably didn’t mean anything.

(Joe nods too, but he’s not sure if it’s Stella he’s talking about.)


“That girl, over there.” She points at the girl who’s talking to their teacher now: blue eyes, blonde. Almost like a Stella wannabe.

“Her?” he asks, a slight look of interest in his eyes.

“No way are you even considering that.” She states, almost like he’ll do whatever she says.


“Because I said so,” she replies.

“Well,” and then he asks the ultimate question, “Are you jealous?”

The answer in her head is a ‘no, I’m just looking out for you,’ (right?)

Sure they’ve not been friends since forever and sure that he has full rights to ask her that question, but it’s just not appropriate, since he knows she’s gonna blush. She’s not even sure if she should answer, but she does anyway.

“Yeah, sure, Lucas,” she teases. “You wish.”

(but for some reason, when she gets home that afternoon, she starts freaking out.)


A week later, Van Dyke asks Stella out.

It’s almost expected, really. But it’s just funny how no one thought she’s say yes; which she does, for a change. Nick thinks it may be a ‘making Joe jealous scheme’ but he’s shocked when it’s not, Macy tells him that.

But Macy’s lying, for the first time in her life.

“Aren’t you jealous, Joe?” she asks, plopping herself on the Lucas’ couch.

“Why? I’m happy for her.” He answers.

She groans; this is so not how it’s supposed to be. She’s the best friend, who’s supposed to get Joe and Stell together. The worst part is that Van Dyke was all her idea, because she thought that Van Dyke would get Joe to admit his feelings for Stella.

Which obviously, was a fail-plan.

“Not even a teeny-weeny bit?” she presses, earning a chuckle from him.

“Geez, Mace. It’s almost like you want me to be jealous of them.”

“No,” she mutters, “of course not. Why should I care?” (Yeah right.)

“But,” he begins, “you do, don’t you?”


“Stella told you to do that, didn’t she?”




“See, I knew it! Stella did this on purpose.”

“No, wait, what? That was a question, Joe. Big Difference.”

“Do I look like I care?”


“I don’t.”

“You suck.”


“Gosh, Joe,” she says, “how can you be so inconsiderate?”

He’s speechless for a minute; this is the closest to angry he’s seen Macy, and this image of her just doesn’t fit in his head.

“How am I inconsiderate?”

“It’s simple, really,” she says, glaring at him, “you wouldn’t know love if it hit you in the face.” And with that, she walks out of the door, slamming it shut.

(and he’s sure, for the first time in his life, that words have never been so wrong.)


He tries apologizing numerous times.

He tries catching her after class but she walks away from him everysingletime. Either she’ll go to the teachers or she’ll run to his brothers, who support her, after she told them everything.

(God, wasn’t family supposed to always be by your side?)

He chooses the best alternative anyway; talking to Stella. So, after Art, he asks her if he can talk to her.

“Sure, Joe,” she smiles, “what’s the problem?”

“Macy,” is his one word answer.

“She’s mad at you?”

“Yeah, sort of.”

“What did you do?” she asks, quizzically.

“I told her that I wasn’t jealous of you and Van Dyke, and then she slammed the door and went all ‘I hate you’ on me.” He says quickly, before he realizes and stops.

Her face goes in thought-mode for a minute, “Guess what, Joe? I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve actually started to like Van Dyke. At first, I admit, it was for making you jealous; but now, I mean, he cares for me, you know?”

“Yeah,” he replies, and for one second the problems are forgotten, “I know.”

“So tell Macy that, although I have. Tell her that you miss her, because I’m sure she misses talking to you too.”

“That’s perfect, Stell. Thank you.”

“And Joe,” she says, just before she walks away, “tell her that you like her as well.”

Joe nods, before the words sink in, and he’s shocked but he calls after her at the same time, “how did you know?”

Her giggled response is, “I’m a girl, and girls know everything.”

(and he stands there puzzled. By everything, do they mean everything?)


Two days later, he’s at her door and rings the doorbell. After waiting for a minute, the door’s opened, by Macy, (in loose curls and her pajamas. What time is it anyway?)


Her reply is short. “Hey.”

They stand outside for a bit, an awkward silence falling over them.

“I’m sorry,” she says, and she looks up a little guiltily at him.

“Why, Macy? I should be.”

“Because, Joe,” she begins, her voice a little soft for her usual self, “I was wrong, you should be able to like who you want to like, not who people want you to like, even if it’s Stella.”

He grins at her. “Thanks for understanding, Misa.”

She grins back. “No problem, Lucas.”

Then he’s suddenly conscious of the box that’s hidden behind his back, before he gets it into sight and she’s almost surprised.

“What’s that?”

“A little something,” he says, “for you.” She smiles, and he hands it to her, “open it.”

She nods a little sweetly at him, before she opens the box to find her favorite Chocolate cake from the bakery across, “how did you know?”

“I’m psychic.” (and he asked Stella, but mostly he’s psychic)

She grins at him, before she removes the paper from the top of the cake, as she reads the message on it, ‘dear Macy, I am sorry and please forgive me’ and the most shocking are the little words underneath that, ‘and, also, I like you. Like like.’

She doesn’t show any visible emotion as she reads, and steps back into the house with the box as she turns away from him. He’s hurt, and this is the first time Joe Lucas has ever let it show. He starts to walk away, but he feels someone gasping for breath behind him, before they take his hand. He turns, and is greeted by Macy’s wide smile, as she intertwines their fingers he smiles too.

“But, you went inside.”

“Silly, I had to put the cake inside. Duh,” she says with a grin, “plus, I wouldn’t leave a lover on the door.”

He pulls her into a hug, as he runs his fingers through her loose curls, “so, I’ll take it as a yes.”

“But you never asked me.”

“Oh yeah, sorry,” he says, before moving two steps away, opting for the whole ‘movie’ thing, “Macy Misa, will you go out with me?”

She pretends to think, before she nods and they both break into a wide smile.

(and they live happily ever after.)



c o m m e n t ?


Posted by: Maria (joedemi)
Posted at: February 8th, 2010 07:29 pm (UTC)
{jb} and I know we get a little crazy

I loved it <3 It's so cute and fluffy just like Macy and Joe <3 hehehe ;)

This two need more love seriously!

Posted by: misty_skies (misty_skies)
Posted at: February 17th, 2010 01:15 pm (UTC)

thank you! it really means a lot! ^^

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